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Summer is Upon Us

Summer is upon us and you know what that means... Suns out guns out! Time to get loaded up on all the best products at the best prices with the latest Icon Supplements deals. STIMaholic by GenomyxSTIMaholic, the strongest preworkout powder every created.  Get infinite energy, enhanced mental focus, shirt ripping muscle pumps and NO CRASH afterwards. All of [...]

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Icon Challenge

Any fitness junkie knows that routines can get stale, and worse, inefficient. So a simple switch up can be a quick and easy solution to most workout woes. Shoot, we've even done the legwork for you here. No, not that leg work. That’s still all you. But [...]

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New Triceps Workouts

Biceps are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of big arms. Did you know that your triceps make up 2/3rds of your total arm mass?If you want to build mass, you have to lift heavy, this is why close grip bench press can give your triceps size that other [...]

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Shredding Your Chest

When you think of chest you think of barbell bench press, it’s the staple chest workout and everyone does. People even venture off to do decline barbell bench press because it’s easier and they can put more weight on and show off. STOP!Try using the flat bench for 6-8 weeks and watch your [...]

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Get Toned Abs

When it comes to abs, ball exercises are some of the most effective workouts out there are and they can be done very simply! One of the most effective ab exercises is called the Plank Pike-Ups; it works your abs, upper body, legs and gluteus.To begin, lie down on the ball with your palms face down [...]

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Time to Mix Up Your Biceps Workout

It can be difficult to find ways to change up your bicep workouts; there are only so many ways you can switch up a standard curl. Try this exercise after you have done your heavy curls and be prepared for your biceps to burn.To begin, select a dumbbell lighter than what you would normally [...]

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Body Building: The ABCs to Broad, Toned, Sexy Shoulders

Have you ever seen a skinnier person with broad and toned shoulders? Developing your shoulders will make your whole upper body look bigger and more cut, and we are here to give you an exercise that will do just that!Here is how:Grab a medicine ball in one hand, start with a low weight, it’s a [...]

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New Life for the Deadlift: Tips on how to properly do a deadlift

Barbell deadlifting is awesome. Perfect for building muscle on both upper and lower body, it really can’t be beat. But without proper form and technique, deadlifting can leave muscles, well, dead. This lift can be tricky to master, so here are some useful tips to achieve the maximum benefits--taking your physique to the next level, [...]

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Sale - Icon Supplements

Hey guys we just added a sale section to the site to give you some great deals.  Icon Supplements is now currently having a sale on certain post cycles, pre workouts, testboosters, amino acids, and fat burners.  Also check out our promotions page for coupon codes good on prohormones and much more!! 

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Discount Double Dragon Stacks!!!!

Icon Supplements has just added Double Dragon Complete Cycles to the site at discounted prices!!  We are now offering stacks which include 1 test booster (TST 750), 1 post cycle (PCT 350), and 1 prohormone (SOS 500, WIN 50, or HD50 your choice).  We offer these complete cycles at a discounted price compared to if [...]

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