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Methylstenbolone Prohormone Facts and How To Use


Methylstenbolone is a powerful prohormone derived from DHT that provideds users with lean muscle mass gains and strength without excessive water retention.  

Chemical compound name: 2,17a-dimethyl-5a-androsta-1-en-17β-ol-3-one

Benefits of Methylstenbolone:  

Methylstenbolone prohormone provides increases and mass and size similar to Superdrol but without as much water retention allowing you to bulk up without losing defenition.  With less water retention you will be provided with a much fuller more defined look without that unwanted bloat.  

Does Methylstenbolone convert to Estrogen:

Methylstenbolone is derived from DHT meaning that aromatization to estrogen is virtually impossible as conversion is no existent.  However this does not mean that estrogen related side effects are no existent.  When taking methylstenbolone your body hormone levels will be off from their normal and when stopping methylstenbolone your body can counter this by producing natural estrogen.  Taking a proper PCT supplement will make sure that this natural production of estrogen following a methylstenbolone prohormone cycle will prevent any estrogen related side effects.

Methylstenbolone Liver Toxicity:

Because Methylstenbolone is a methylated prohormone it does come with some liver toxicity and liver support/on cycle support is highly recommended. 

How is Methylstenbolone Dosed:

Methylstenbolone dosing for new users: Week1: 4-8mg per day | Week 2-4: 8-12mg per day

Methylstenbolone dosing for experienced users: Week1: 8mg / per day | Week 2-3: 12mg / per day | Week 4: 16-20mg / per day

Methylstenbolone works relatively fast, therefore the majority of users typically begin to experience the effects within the first week to two weeks.


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