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  • Mammoth DNA prohormone Supplement by Xcel Sports Nutrition
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Mammoth DNA

Price: $99.95

Mammoth DNA is a prohormone from Xcel Sports Nutrition that combines M1,4 ADD, Trendione, Epistane, Hexadrone, Cyanostane and Tren-19-Nor.  Unleash your mass potential with Mammoth DNA.  Mammoth DNA side effects are almost non existent due to Xcel Sports Nutrition adding built in liver support with milk thistle and NAC, testosterone boosting with the Tongkat Ali, and combating estrogen related side effects with the 6-bromo


Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 60 Capsules

Servings Per Container:  1 Capsule


M 1,4-ADD  (17a-methyl-1,4-androstadiene-3,17diol)                    25mg

Epistane  (2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol)            40mg

Trendione  (Estra-4, 9, 11-Triene-3, 17-dione)                               15mg    

Hexadrone  (6-chloro-androst-4-ene-3-one-17b-ol)                        12.5mg    

Cyanostane  (2-cyano-17a-methyl-17B-hydroxy-androst-3-one)   15mg    

Tren 19-Nor  (19-Norandrostenediol)                                              35mg    

L-3, 4-Dihydroxyphenylalamine                                                       150mg

6-Bromo  (Anti-Estrogen)                                                                 50mg

5A Hydroxy Laxogenin                                                                     75mg

Carbopol  (Time Relase Absorption Matrix)                                     25mg 

Milk Thistle                                                                                       100mg

Long Jack                                                                                        100mg

NAC                                                                                                  100mg


All Mammoth DNA cycles should be accomponied by proper on cycle support and followed by a post cycle therapy supplement which will help you keep your mass and strength gains in addition to help you make further gains




Customer Testimonials

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    Posted by Bill Edgar on 10th Mar 2014

    I must say that this is the best ever,I put on 18lbs. and my strength went thru the ceiling,it is a must try for one that wants to pack on some size.


    Posted by MuscleMatt on 16th Aug 2013

    Bought this and was very satisfied with the product itself. Great gains in size and strength. I kept 18 lbs and bench press went up 80lbs. Not only does Icon offer this product cheaper than anyone else I received my package 2 days later with free samples. Awesome Icon, you've won my business


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